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Logo of Digital Solidarity Fund

Fundraising Activities

The fund of the DSF is raised from general public, corporations and other stakeholders. The fund will be spent on the following purpose:

Provision of grant to digital inclusion projects organized by non-profit organizations, which aim at narrowing the information inequality and promoting digital inclusion;
Promotion and awareness building of digital inclusion among general public;
Expenditure incurred in fundraising and fund operation.

The DSF raises fund with different means and activities:

"DSF City Dash" - The "DSF City Dash" is a city adventure race that requires teamed players to uncover clues for unknown checkpoints around the city and to complete a series of fun, physical, intelligence and team-building challenges. The net proceeds go to DSF.
Charity sales and cause-related marketing activities
Fundraising luncheon / gala dinner

Besides raising donation for the Fund, DSF also provides a platform to match unmet needs of disadvantaged groups on use of ICT and resources from corporations. We believe this matching practice will help aligning resources in the private sector and initiating more digital inclusion projects in the community.

To learn more about supporting the "Digital Solidarity Fund", please click here
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