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Digital Inclusion Alliance

The “Digital Inclusion Alliance” is a knowledge hub and collaboration platform in advocating and promoting digital inclusion. By engaging different stakeholders in digital inclusion, including business corporations, social service organizations, service users, and other individuals that concern about the use of ICT by disadvantaged groups, the “Digital Inclusion Alliance” aims to promote and facilitate the works on digital inclusion. With the knowledge, experience and network of Members of the Alliance, we can bring the concept of digital equality to different sectors and segments of the society.

The Alliance comprises Members of different background, including DSF Committee Members, funded organizations, funded-project organizers, corporate partners and other stakeholders.

By joining the Alliance, Members will receive regular news and information on digital inclusion; in addition, Members can promote their digital inclusion initiatives via the network of the Alliance. We will also conduct liaison activities, so as to facilitate exchanges between different stakeholders on the area of digital inclusion. Furthermore, we also target to build the Alliance as a knowledge hub and sharing platform, so that advocates of digital inclusion, such as companies, organizations and groups and individuals can have access to useful information, support and collaborative network.

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