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Campaigns and Events

DSF endeavors to bridge digital power and promote an inclusive society. You can be part of the Digital Inclusion Movement by joining our campaigns and events.
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Digital Right – ICT for All

The Internet makes the world go round. Information and communication technology (ICT) is a means to distribute and collect information, interact socially, do business and make a change in the society. Without ICT, our computers, televisions, mobile devices, tablets, plus all the technology embedded in everyday lives, we would struggle to work, shop and travel.

However, an estimated 70% of the world population and 30% the Hong Kong population are still excluded from the use of ICT. This inequality is referred to as Digital Divide, which “refers to the gap between individuals, households, business and geographic areas at different socio-economic levels with regards to both their opportunities to access ICT and their use if the Internet for a wide variety of activities.” (OECD) Disadvantaged and deprived people are stuck in particular due to the lack of infrastructure, financial resources and skills.

We believe “ICT for All”, which means that digital technologies should be opened to everyone without barriers and used to overcome social and economic exclusion. Our leading objective is to bridge the digital divide and solve the problems of its own making.

DSF City Dash

DSF City Dash is a signature event of the Digital Solidarity Fund. Being the largest city orienteering competition in Hong Kong, DSF City Dash aims to raise public awareness of digital inclusion and funds to support the deprived communities to gain access and knowledge of ICT, and to enhance individuals’ capacity.

City dash is:

A new city adventure race, which takes a lot brain, a bit of brawn and a ton of fun. Team of two will have to uncover clues for unknown locations/checkpoints around the city and to complete a series of fund, physical, intelligence and team-building challenges within 3-6 hours. More than a scavenger hunt, not quite a road race, this hybrid combines trivia, from pop culture to Hong Kong social issues.
The best team building activity, which challenges players of all levels, abilities and ages.
An experiential learning program, which enable players to learn about the cultural and social intelligence of Hong Kong society.

For more information, please visit or contact us via email at

Digital Inclusion Fun Fair

Details to be announced.
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